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The Impress SQD, Volkl's freestyle flagship with its wide stance lets you ride confidently on the big kicker line, so you surely never felt on a board. This is on the one hand the extremely forgiving twin-tip rocker shape, which makes tilting with unclean landings or reverts almost impossible and allows you to learn new moves quickly. On the other hand, you can rely on the expertise of the Squad Series, which also provides excellent service to the guys. The integrated shock absorber provides maximum stability and increased tensile strength when the jumps are fat, while the carbon and triaxial fabric is added to this piece of jewelry a pleasant rest and orderly pop.


+ Backstitch surface with matte screen print from above, partial grip lacquer and hot embossing
+ Tip-to-Tail Supreme Woodcore
+ Slim Tip construction
+ Shock Absorber
+ True Twin-Tip Sidecut
+ Freestyle Rocker Shape
+ 5x2 Insert System
+ Triaxiales Fiberglass fabric in upper and lower belt
+ plus V-Flex fiberglass fabric
+ V?lkl premium carbon fabric / POP1.0
+ Extruded surface with?die?-cut
+ diamond finish?
+ Natural Wax Finish (biodegradable)