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Rossignol TEMPT 82 Open/SAPH 110L

The Rossignol Temptation 82 is a great ski for the strong intermediate skier to expert skier who is looking for a ski that transitions into turn easily, and can be a very versatile ski. Rossignols Auto Turn Rocker has 30% rocker in the tip and tail, and 70% camber underfoot. Rocker in the tip will initiate turns smooth and easy, and keep you floating in soft or variable snow. Camber underfoot provides you with a firm grip on the snow when you are in your turns, and will spring you into your next one. Rocker in the tail will release you out of your turns easier. The Extended Sidecut of the Temptation 82 add sidecut with the more angle you put on your skis, and reduces sidecut with the less angle you put on your edges, giving you a ski that is easy to maneuver when you are just cruising, and will drive a powerful edge when you feel like laying down some turns. A Cascade Tip has different shapes of laminates that control the torsional flex of the tip, lower the swing weight of the ski for easy turning. The Central Sidewall Construction gives you the best of both worlds, the forgiveness of cap in the tip and tail, with the edge hold of vertical sidewalls underfoot. A Wood and Basalt core is very stable especially at moderate to fast speeds, for a quick and responsive ride. If you want a ski that will be quick to turn and versatile enough to spend most of your time on the trails, and venture off sometimes, the Rossignol Temptation 82 is the ski for you.