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Dalbello LUNA 70

Specifically designed for women, the Luna 70 features an interesting 101mm forefoot width. Interesting because it is a touch wider than a traditional boot last and a touch narrower than a wide one. This means you get a fit that is a little more comfortable without giving up on precision or performance. Coupled with a flex at 70, the boot offers a nice forgiving feel enhancing the overall comfort. In regards with the shell, Dalbello utilised a Dbhylite material to build it. It is a polymere composite being extremely light and absorbing vibrations and impacts very well. The shell profile is based on Dalbello Cabrio design to make entries and exits quick and easy. The Luna 70 also features a ski/walk mode with a switch on the cuff. The system is very easy to use and makes things a lot more enjoyable, especially if you walk often!Long story short, the Luna 70 is the most comfortable boot in Dalbello’s women freeski range.