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Sidas Volcano Custom Fit

A foot bed or insole is the most important piece of ski equipment that you can have. Foot beds improve your balance, and balance is a major part of skiing. All feet need to be in a supported position up on the tripod of your foot between your first, fifth metatarsals, and your heel bone. The entire foundation of doing something athletic starts by getting your foot on your tripod, and when your foot is locked up in the foam, rubber and plastic, you need even more support. An unsupported foot prohibits blood flow, a supported foot promotes the blood to flow easier through your feet to your toes, better blood flow to your toes means having warmer feet, who likes skiing with cold feet. A foot bed will also pull your toes slightly off of the front of the boot, and align your knees better. The Volcano has way better support than any stock foot bed in any ski boot. If you want to improve the amount of control, balance, and warmth of your ski boots, get some Volcano Foot Beds today, just remember to remove your stock insoles before you add these.

  • Improve Your Balance
  • Give Yourself More Control Over Your Skis
  • Better Blood Flow = Warmer Toes
  • Better Alignment
  • Always Remove Your Stock Insole Before Adding a Volcano